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Never pay full price again. Sign up today to track the price of fashion items you want.

Be the first to know when they go on sale or the price drops.

Why pay more, always buy at the price you want?

All your fashion is here

With Skadoosh there are always the latest trends and the hottest new fashion items for you to Explore.

Window shop through thousands of amazing fashion items added by fashion fans just like you.

Perfect if you don’t know what to buy or you’re in the mood for something new.

The brands you love

Discover thousands of brands you already love which Skadoosh tracks everyday. Subscribe to your favourites and get sales alerts sent to you.

It means, you no longer need to check them everyday, just to make sure you don't miss the start of the sales.

Fashion brings us together

Invite your friends. to join you, it’s more fun shopping with your friends. That’s why Skadoosh is social.

Follow the friends and the trendsetters who turn you on to the hottest fashion before everyone else.

Share your fashion collection with your friends on Skadoosh, Facebook, Twitter and your blog, to get their honest feedback.

Fashion that’s personal

Your Fashion Feed is the best place on the web to discover new fashion because it’s personal to you. It comes from the brands you subscribe to and the friends you follow.

Everyday it brings you hot new fashion items to window shop. Track the one’s you love, add them to your collection or bin the one’s you don’t.

Window shop the web

You've been wanting that Little Black Dress for ages but it's still too expensive right now. You keep checking the price once or twice everyday, hoping it will be on sale soon.

Save time and money by using Skadoosh to track the price for you.

Click the Skadoosh “Track it” button when you find the item you want and Skadoosh will alert you the instant the price drops.

All in one place

Skadoosh brings all your fashion together.

Track the products you want, add them to your collection and share them with your friends.

Organise the items you really want into wishlists or save the items you already own into your wardrobe and Skadoosh will recommend new items just for you.

Take Skadoosh shopping

Skadoosh is your personal shopping assistant, use it to check the price before you buy.

Just sign up today and we’ll let you know when its ready for you to go shopping together.

Tip: Visit to use Skadoosh on your mobile or tablet browser today.

Rewarding Fashion

Skadoosh rewards you with brand loyalty points, just for window shopping the fashion you want, from the brands you love.

Earn enough points to become the brand champion and win exclusive prizes or play brand games to unlock further discounts.

Sign up today to save time, money and earn rewards when shopping the fashion you love.

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